Day 2 of the Johor Open sees 2 more rounds being played. After round 3 ended at night, four joint leaders emerged.

They are:
GM Idani Pouya
GM Neelotpal Das
GM Fominyh Alexander
FM Pitra Andika

All four are undefeated with a perfect 3/3 score.

Following closely behind with half a point are:

IM Nguyen Van Huy
GM Cao Sang
FM Wong Yinn Long
GM Schebler Gerhard
IM Kuybokarov Temur
FM Lim Zhuo Ren

Of note, 2 Malaysians are in the top 10 standings :- FM Wong Yin Long who defeated FM Dang Hoang Son(round 3) and FM Lim Zhuo Ren who beat IM Vo Thanh Ninh (round 2).

The interactive crosstable after 3 rounds. (Mouse over name to see opponents encountered by each player)

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