I have been to DATCC only once to help return the chess boards and equipment after last year's Malaysian Chess Festival was over from Cititel.

This is my second time here.


"Mr AI Chess" - Norazwan doing the pairing as well as running one DGT live board. If he looks tired, he is! He was up attending a funeral all night and had 2 hours of sleep before rushing to DATCC. Still that did not affect the smooth runnng of the tourney.


Round 1 commences with a delay of 25 minutes. Some players arrived late and had trouble finding the place for the first time..

For a small blitz (10 minute time control) tournament, the event attracted 3 IMs, one NM and one AGM. Our first IM, Jimmy Liew is playing too.


IM Pascua Haridas just won the Hong Kong Open.


The printer broke down so one laptop screen was used. Not a big problem with only 35 players. Probably better if the players were told that they could check their mobile devices to since the pairings were posted live on chess-results (I only thought of this now 🙂 )




I brought along my DGT board too hoping to capture some interesting games but I forgot to charge to board so it was a failed attempt getting some half games. Biggest regret only getting 9 moves off AGM Nik Farougi vs IM Pascua Haridas in which Nik won that interesting encounter.

Lunch time and 5 out of 7 rounds already completed.

Two mamak shops below DATCC so I chose the less crowded one just because it was further from the stairs. The mutton curry was good.

Sat away from the chess players not because I was anti social... just wanted to post something to the blog while having lunch, as I had just posted nothing but selfies on Facebook up till now.

Saw IM Pascua staring into the empty field on DATCC 4th floor.

.. while his compatriot was staring at the DGT board getting ready for the penultimate round.

AGM Nik looking good with a new haircut.

Two of the key AI Chess people. Shin Azwan and Hasnul.

Pinoys meet. So a peaceful draw?

Mukhriez has been doing very well (now on board 2, Round 6)  in recent tourneys having just won a junior event in Klang the day before.

Kamaluddin Yusof vs IM Jimmy Liew.


DGT live broadcast is not enough for AI Chess event. Most of the top board games are broadcasted live on YouTube too !!

Search for "AI Chess" in YouTube if you are interested to find the recorded video games there..

IM Pascua Haridas.

Mukhriez getting ready to meet IM Oliver Dimakiling in the last round.

No printer so the prize winners list is prepared the old fashion way.

.. and the prize giving ceremony is up next

Best U12 2nd runner up: Intan Nuralya Batrisha Mahmood

est U12 - 1st runner up : Syed Firdaus

est Under 12: Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah

th place IM Jimmy Liew

th place NM Kamalariffin Wahiduddin

3rd place IM Pascua Haridas


nd place Bharat Kumar Reddy



The champion IM Oliver Dimakiling

The prize winners with Encik Hamid Majid

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