To celebrate Yeoh Li Tian recent achievement for fulfilling all of the required IM norms, DATCC organized an event which included high tea, a 5-board clock simultaneous (Li Tian vs Putrajaya) and a Blitz tournament.


Cross table results of the 9 round blitz


IM Oliver Dimakiling made a perfect 9/9 score from the 38 player blitz that took place after the simul and high tea.


The 2 round "armageddon"



The prize winners

IM Yeoh Li Tian winning first place after the armageddon rounds (RM 300)

IM Oliver Dimakiling 2nd place (RM 200)

NM Kamalariffin Wahiduddin 3rd place.

IM Jimmy Liew 4th place

Best Under 12 - Mukhriez Shah Mahmood Shah

Best Girl - Fasha Qaisara Hairul

Best Under 18 - Lye Lik Zang

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