PNo.Name                           R1     R2     R3     R4      R5     R6     R7      R8     R9     Total 
1  IM Dimakiling Oliver            16w1    8b1   19w1    5b1    2w1   11b1    6w1   12b1    7b1   9    
2  IM Yeoh Li Tian                 20b1    4w1   13b1    7w1    1b0   12w1    5b1   11w1    6b1   8    
3  IM Jimmy Liew Chee-M            22w1   24b1    5w0   10b1    8w0   15b1    4w½   13b1   12w1   6.5  
4  NM Kamalarifin Wahid            37w1    2b0   16w1   14b0   22w1   23b1    3b½   10w1   11b1   6.5  
5  Bharat Kumar Reddy P            31b1   18w1    3b1    1w0    7b1   10w1    2w0    6b0   14w1   6    
6  Lye Lik Zang                    26b1   15w0   21b1    9w1   31b1    8w1    1b0    5w1    2w0   6    
7  Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad             34w1   23b1   11w1    2b0    5w0   18w1   17b1   14b1    1w0   6    
8  Eric Cheah                      39b1    1w0   25b1   13w1    3b1    6b0   11w0   21w1   15b1   6    
9  NM Yeoh Chin Seng               35w1   11b0   22w1    6b0   16w1   31b1   12b0   17w1   18w1   6    
10 FM Sumant Subramania            18b½   29w1   15b1    3w0   13b1    5b0   24w1    4b0   19w1   5.5  
11 Masrin Erowan                   17b1    9w1    7b0   15w1   14b1    1w0    8b1    2b0    4w0   5    
12 Ng Jen Sheng                       0   36b1   20w1   24b1   23w1    2b0    9w1    1w0    3b0   5    
13 CM Mohd Kamal Abdull            27w1   14b1    2w0    8b0   10w0   16b1   31w1    3w0   25b1   5    
14 Shreyes Subramaniam             30b1   13w0   28b1    4w1   11w0   25b1   18b1    7w0    5b0   5    
15 Mohd Amin Mohd Noor             33w1    6b1   10w0   11b0   27w1    3w0   26b1   25b1    8w0   5    
16 Norazwan Kamaruzaman             1b0   32w1    4b0   38w1    9b0   13w0   28b1   31w1   24w1   5    
17 Mohd Aiziuddin Mohd             11w0   33b1   24w0   35b1   20w1   36b1    7w0    9b0   23w1   5    
18 Rohan Shan Tze Navar            10w½    5b0   36w1   21b1   19w1    7b0   14w0   20w1    9b0   4.5  
19 Ahmad Muzzaffar                 32b1   21w1    1b0   31w0   18b0   22w1   20b½   27w1   10b0   4.5  
20 Mukhriez Shah Mahmoo             2w0   35b1   12b0   26w1   17b0   28w1   19w½   18b0   29b1   4.5  
21 Muhd Luqman Alif Zai            40w1   19b0    6w0   18w0   33b1   27b1   23w1    8b0   22w½   4.5  
22 Muhd Ilhan Mansiz Ha             3b0   38w1    9b0   32w1    4b0   19b0   35w1   30w1   21b½   4.5  
23 Abdul Aziz Abdul Shu            28b1    7w0   26b1   29w1   12b0    4w0   21b0   32w1   17b0   4    
24 Amir Ghaazi Mohd Sap            38b1    3w0   17b1   12w0   25b0   32w1   10b0   26w1   16b0   4    
25 Nik Muhd Haziq Nik N               0   39b1    8w0   37b1   24w1   14w0   29b1   15w0   13w0   4    
26 Rajinesh Chintala                6w0   40b1   23w0   20b0   29b1   30w1   15w0   24b0   33b1   4    
27 Shakti Rajan                    13b0   30w1   31b0   28w1   15b0   21w0   33w1   19b0   32b1   4    
28 Ishaan Quan Tze Nava            23w0   34b1   14w0   27b0   37w1   20b0   16w0   36b1   31b1   4    
29 Mayuresh                        36w½   10b0   34w1   23b0   26w0   37b1   25w0   35b1   20w0   3.5  
30 Fasha Qaisara Hairul            14w0   27b0   37w0   36b½   34w1   26b0   38w1   22b0   35w1   3.5  
31 Hairul Abdul Hamid               5w0   37b1   27w1   19b1    6w0    9w0   13b0   16b0   28w0   3    
32 Muhd Syukur Razali              19w0   16b0   33w1   22b0   35w1   24b0   36w1   23b0   27w0   3    
33 Edwin Chua Jin Rui              15b0   17w0   32b0   34b1   21w0   38w1   27b0   37b1   26w0   3    
34 Intan Nuralya Batris             7b0   28w0   29b0   33w0   30b0   35b0   37w1   38b1   36w1   3    
35 Muhd Muaz Mohd Zuhri             9b0   20w0   40b1   17w0   32b0   34w1   22b0   29w0   30b0   2    
36 Razali Hamzah                   29b½   12w0   18b0   30w½   38b1   17w0   32b0   28w0   34b0   2    
37 Viishnu Mohan Kumar              4b0   31w0   30b1   25w0   28b0   29w0   34b0   33w0   38b1   2    
38 Herrish Mohan Kumar             24w0   22b0   39w1   16b0   36w0   33b0   30b0   34w0   37w0   1    
39 Nazril Idrus                     8w0   25w0   38b0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0    
40 Tiara Rose                      21b0   26w0   35w0      0      0      0      0      0      0   0    

Total = 40 players
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